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2016 Scholars Interviews

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160229 Canada House 2

01 March 2016 — An unseasonably sunny Monday in February was the setting for the 2016 Scholarship interviews at Canada House. Trustees and Academics welcomed a short-list of candidates to the newly refurbished building on London’s Trafalgar Square for interviews about their applications for the 2016 Canada Memorial Foundation Scholarship.

The quality of applications this year was particularly high, and the selection process has not been easy.  However, the results of the process will be relayed this week, the 2016 scholars will be named, and the process of connecting these two great countries will continue.

A number of new ideas and questions were raised by the applicants: about what scholars are asked to do in return (“What kind of outcomes do you want to see?”), about how the Foundation interacts with the students, and about the relative importance of breadth versus depth of study…  All of which the Foundation will review and discuss in more detail.

Whether successful of not, the many applicants this year presented personal and inspired views of the potential opportunities that study in Canada offers to contribute to building on the existing relationship.

The Foundation would like to thank all the applicants, their schools and their referees for the time invested in this process. As has been the case for almost 30 years, the idea of building stronger ties between the UK and Canada continues to be relevant to a great number of people.  In that time the Canada Memorial Scholarship has helped create some very personal and very profound relationships.