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2016 Scholars prepare for their study in Canada

By 13th May 2016No Comments

2016-17 Scholars

LONDON 12 May 2016 — The three recipient of the Canada Memorial Foundation scholarship for 2016-17 met this month in a central London public house to compare notes with each other and discuss their upcoming studies with Trustees of the Foundation.

In one of the Foundation’s most competitive cohorts in almost 30 years of granting scholarships for post-graduate study in Canada, three scholarship were awarded.

One to McGill to study Political Science, with a particular focus on “Canadian Federalism vs European Supranatipnalism: A comparative look at systems of governance and the protection of minorities.”

Another will look at “The manipulation of NGO humanitarian aid in civil war related conflict” while studying for a Masters of Arts in History at U of T.

And our third Canada Memorial Foundation Scholar will also attend McGill University in Montreal, but to study for a Masters in Law. That study will focus on private law theory in general and tort law theory in particular, with a focus on liability standards and the role of defences in tort law.

Invariably the conversation covered matters relating to International Affairs, Civil and Common Law, nationalism, language, the banning of Uber in Montreal, and the real duration and intensity of a Canadian winter.

The students are looking forward to their study and will undoubtedly support the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the ‘trans-Atlantic bridge’ between the United Kingdom and Canada.