Who’s behind the Canadian Memorial Foundation?

The Foundation was established in the early 1990s to create a physical monument to Canadian soldiers who’ve fought alongside the British – and a living one, in the shape of academic awards to bright scholars.

About the Canada Memorial Foundation

Today, the team is made up of a small network of Canadian volunteers living in the UK, and our invaluable donors – businesses, organisations and individuals who want to honour our unique connection between Canada and the UK.

In 2020, the Canada-UK Foundation and the Canada Memorial Foundation (CMF)  announced that they are formally working together, maintaining their unique brands, whilst incorporating their scholarships and education awards going forward.

The two charities are co-developing their education and academic strategies, sharing staff resources in a way that minimizes costs and maximises collaboration potential.

The CMF is a charitable foundation, which does not receive government funding.

The Canada Memorial Foundation Team

Wanda Hamilton, CEO Canada UK Foundation
Hasna Bloore, Academic Director, Canada UK Foundation
Steve Lowe, Chair and Board Member CMF
Nigel Miller, Board Member, CMF
Laura Peterson, Communications Director and Board Member, CMF