Join the Canadian Memorial Foundation

By strengthen the ties that exist between generations of Canadians and British citizens, we create a living memorial honouring the contribution that Canadian servicemen and women made to the first and second World Wars. Their bravery and sacrifice heralded a defining moment in our shared history.

Today, we’re building on what Canadian and British soldiers have fought for over the centuries – opportunities for young people and a common future. Our scholars’ experiences broaden their horizons, shape their characters and help them to develop their careers, providing memories and relationships that last a lifetime.

  • Celebrate and foster relationships between Canada and Great Britain.
  • Enabling the next generation to build life-long connections – for a positive impact today and tomorrow.
  • Have a far-reaching effect – scholars are handpicked for their potential to create connections.

The Canada Memorial Foundation scholarships are entirely based on the charitable donations of people and organisations that want to support the Foundation’s goals.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to the Canada Memorial Foundation then please contact us at or make a donation directly through the VirginmoneyGiving page 

I’m working on a Transatlantic Project with the British Council in Brussels, fostering dialogue between young professionals in Canada the US and Europe. I’m convinced my experience in Canada allowed me to be considered for this position – and I could never have afforded to study in Canada without the support of the Canada Memorial Foundation.